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BEST DOCUMENTARY MOVIE/FILM  - Washington DC: E Street Cinema -  VOA - Interview 

Friday, May 5th to Thursday, May 11    CLICK  BELOW FOR  MORE DETAILS


Cambodian Slavery

Cambodian New Year 2017 at Cambodian Temple, Silver Spring MD - Courtesy of Sy Film Production


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Rockcreek Barber Shop - Mr. Denny Thach. This is the first time, a Cambodian community gets together. 20% discount. Phone: 301-871-9201


Financial Planing - Mr. Channa Pak. I believe financial education is very essential for every Cambodian. Phone: 703-624-7723 call for Free consultation.


Wat Maryland - Dr. Tun Savan - An excellent idea to have this website/group because the county always asked me about this. Thank you. Visit our website…


Tom’s Limo Service - Mr. Tom Keo.  This website helps build a strong community. Looking for a reliable service. Phone: 703-597-4445 15% discount


Photographer/Video - Mr. Rodney Som. When I saw this website, I started to like it already. Get 20% discount.Website Phone: 410 -335-4816

Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy - Mr. Tung Yap  - Visit our website



LJ Car Repair - Mr. Sotheany Leas. I’m so happy to get all Cambodians together to create this professional group. It definitely helps of all of us. 15% discount.Phone: 240-281-2357


Professional Realtor - Mr. Vutha PaoJoining CABNG is a great start to connect all Khmer professionals. Give you more for less!! 4½% full service Listings. Phone:703-944-5685


Cambodian Community Day - Mr. Ben  Bao. Please join us on Cambodian Community Day!  Visit our website…


FOREVER LIVING PROD - Mrs. Rose Marie Armour  Tel: 571-215- 9239  Visit our shop. Would you like to live longer, healthier and cut down your doctor’s bill as you get older? Try Our Natural Products!


College Planning, Job Asst/IT - Mr. Ken Kiv. My passion is helping young Cambodian-Americans to find their brighter future. CABNG is for community by community. Join us
Tel. 240-766-5268  Montgomery College


CSA. - Mrs. Samnang Wu - I want to help our seniors and families live healthfully. I thank this Khmer Group for putting this together. Please help each other.


Charatt’s Cell Phone/iPad Repair Mr. Charatt Syphat.  My shop is in Cambodia. Thanks for making my shop available for everyone.  Phone: 096-7777-300 Our website  Come to my shop, I give you 15% discount.


DATACABLE21, LLC - Mr. Woody  Monh703-994-9864 Mr. Mckien Lim 703-984-9545 Website    We work around the clock to provide a complete cable service to our community. Thank you for creating this network. Now Cambodians are living much closer.


Borei Angkor - Mr. Ok SoeumPlease come visit  us. We are off from the main highway to North Corolina.  Visit our website


Long Branch Beer & Wine. This is the the first time, Cambodian businesses get together to serve our community. Thank you. Phone: 301-439-3700


Save Cambodia - Miss. Thayvie Sinn.  We are located in PA. I’m 28 years old. I rather quitted my full-time job to join Save Cambodia. Now I can voice “I am Human” throughout the entire world. Thank you for this amazing Khmer Network. Visit our website


Wat Kampuchea Krom Inc  - Mr. Soban Chau - Khmer unity is a bless for all of us! That is a good start to get all Khmers connected around the world. Thank you CABNG group. Visit our website…


Buddhist Monastery (Canada) -  Thank you for this Khmer Network. Now, we are closer than ever… Visit our website…


National Education and Adv. CG - Mr. Bouy TeIt is an excellent idea, CABNG is for all Khmer around the world.


Khmer Poet (New York) - Mr. Chakra Oer  - Snarm… The stone that evermore standing and talking! The more you share the more you get .. the more you teach the more you know -  Visit our website…


Fairfax Realty - Ms. Sopha Keo - A  Trusted Realtor in VA  Cell 703-627-4983 Email: Our Website We work around the clock to provide a better Home for everyone. I’m proud being Cambodian-American!


Khmer Canadian Youth -   We are so proud of being Khmer next generation. Help us, help all Khmers!!! Thanks for sharing, helping…Visit our website…


eLibrary of Cambodia  - We are dedicated to preventing future loss by compiling and conserving books, manuscripts (sastra) and music. Visit our website


Buddhist Monastery (Canada) - Thank you for this Khmer Network. Now, we are closer than ever…
Visit our website    


GIZ Cambodia (Germany) -  Thanks for helping Khmer  Together, we can achieve mere..We appreciate your hard work and commitment to our community Visit our website


Khmer Legacy (Minnesota) - Mr. Kosal  Sek. We are proud of our identity and be ready for next generation. Together, we thrive. Thanks for making  this Khmer Network possible… Visit  Wat website


Cambodia Korea  -   Promote, enrich  Khmer social, cultural and academic community - We are maybe apart, but our soul is always together.  We are so proud of being KhmerVisit  our website…


Wat Khmermodesto (CA) - We provides opportunity and promote humanity for mankind.We greatly appreciate your hard work to put this together.  Visit our website…


CEE Foundation -  We are committed to investing in Cambodia’s future generation… Visit our website…





CMN Khmer Radio Mrs. Meourng Tum - Website It is a great idea to have this Khmer group website for our community- Thank you for your hard work.   


VOA  Mr. Kim Seng  - Website We want all Cambodians to keep abreast of High Tech and News around the world. CA is a great place to start. Thank you.


RFA  - Website
It is a great start. We have Live TV everyday now. Check it out!